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Amazon - interesting facts....

I hadn't expected wifi in the Amazon  (there was!) so had left my "technology" back in the big city. This, therefore, will be a mix of refelctions on a time which I feel truly blessed to have experienced....
The Amazon Rainforest is the largest equatorial forest in the planet, occupying 6.5 million square kilometres - one guide suggested that you could fill the whole european landmass ( pre Brexxit!) into the same area and still have space left over....!

The river Amazon only truly begins (with that name) after the city of Manaus, where I landed. Before that, the river enters Brazil (from the Peruvian Andes) as the Solimoes River and joins with the River Negro (on which I based my stay) beyond Manaus - this is known as the "meeting of the waters." (Google that phrase and you should see fascinating pitures of two distinct, differently coloured rivers flowing side by side before converging to form the mighty Amazon.)

Why did I choose to stay on the river Negro? BUGS!!!
The River Negro, as it passes over the sandy soils of the Central Amazon, has a high flood season - the water level rises some 18 metres! Much vegatation is, therefore, completely covered and results in the decomposition of vast amounts of organic matter ( leaves, branches, fruit etc.). Such vast amounts of  decomposition affects the water, turning it "acidic" (PH3-5). Bugs ( like mosquitoes!!!) DON'T like this kind of water and so keep away. The likelihood of being bitten (and  developing Malaria) is, therefore, much reduced.
(I am,however, still taking the anti-malarial medications as a precaution!)

The climate on this part of the Anavilhanas Archipelago National Park is very hot and humid (reminding me of the Malaysian rainforest) and after an hour's jungle walk my shirt was as if I'd been wearing it in the shower...
Average temperatures range 77-81F ( it was 30-34C whilst I was there.) and rainfall exceeds 3,000mm each year.
(Blaenau Festiniog has a bit of catching up to do!) It being the "dry" season I only experienced one torrential shower ( complete with ominous thunder ) whilst visiting a local village nearby.

Final statistic ( for those still awake!) - Scientists believe the greatest diversity of animal, bird and plant life anywhere in the world is evident in the Amazon Rainforest area - including some 239 indigenous communities speaking approximately 150 different languages.
From the tiniest ant to the remotest human community, this vast, beautiful area refllects the wonders of creation and reminds me of the infinite grace and love of a God who cares for it all - including you and me....!


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