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"Welcome to my home..."

That's how one guide, originally from one of the outlying indigenous communities, greeted us for our jungle hike.
(Picture me with sunhat, long trousers, my "birthday" boots PLUS shin guards to protect from snake attacks stressing as to what lay ahead!)

Born and brought up in the rainforest, Lorrono our guide spoke of learning the "rhythmn" and "life" of the jungle rather than human beings trying to "dominate"  and "overcome" it. "That way lies danger and death!" he warned.
As he spoke with us on our expedition I sensed that there was great humility and respect for a force greater than himself, plus a sense that he recognised that his life was totally dependant upon this awesome power beyond....
He was not to simply sit back, do nothing and let this power "be" but, over time, to learn the ways to live well, to be fruitful according to this power beyond...
This, he confessed had taken much time, patience, pain and suffering - as well as the help and advice of others as he sought to discover the abiding power at the core of his "home" on earth...

Isn't that also our calling,too, as Christians; to discover the power beyond (God?) within whom we live and move and have our being and to live in God and enable God to live in us - wherever on earth we may call "home"....?


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A journey begins with one step and (with some trepidation) I start my sabbatical.
The hope?
To rest, have time out to reflect on calling,  ministry and what it might look like in the future - personally and within the context of Ruthin....
So, a prayer:
Loving God, in my journeying and my resting, in my listening and or reflecting please guide me and lead me afresh to the light of your truth, Jesus.
For I ask in His name...

Walthamstow - seen in passing....

How about this for a "mobile library"?
Households volunteer to host a "book house" which is stocked with books. People passing can borrow / add / replace a book and so the mini library continues....
What a wonderfully simple public service...!

Sabbatical in summary...

My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.’ 
Oh God, can those words be for me too?
How I long to hear them!
I’m not Moses, but I’m also on a journey – trying to follow Jesus.Some days, life seems like an unmarked wilderness,
and I’m not sure which way to go.
‘My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.’
Yes, I hear you Lord. Help me to trust.Other days, I’m so busy that I don’t stop to listen.
I’m stressed and distracted and frazzled.
‘My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.’
Yes, I hear you Lord. Help me to pause and take time for you.Then there are the days when I do remember.
I walk restfully in your presence.
How different those days are.‘My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.’
Yes, I believe you Lord. Those words are for me. 
Your presence does go with me and give me rest.
Thank you Lord!Amen
Richard England