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Bagpipes in Buenos Aires!?!

We all know that when we gather to worship, we gather as different people from different contexts and, sometimes, from different countries but united in our desire to demonstrate our love of God, as revealed in Christ and, by the power of His Holy Spirit, to be united in our commitment to also demonstrate the love of our neighbour as ourselves.
It came as something of a shock, when worshipping at St. John's Anglican Cathedral, Buenos Aires, to be particulalrly celebrating with our celtic neighbours - the Scots!
(I thought it seemed rather early for a St. Andrew's Day celebration!)

There was quite a crowd of some dozen banners of different tartans, all led in to church to the accompaniment of the bagpipes. (With temperatures in the high 20s even I could have happily donned a kilt for the occasion - as some did!)

I felt quite at home with my fellow Celts and our bilingual worship!
(Spanish and some English - although I have to say that I was pleased to have already read and reflected upon the Gospel as the sermon was in Spanish!)

Scanning the faces and listening attentively to all my fellow congregants warmly sharing the Peace (the usual hugs / handshakes!), I couldn't discern many (any?!) Scottish accents but, later in the day when visiting the City's museum, I learnt how the Scottish Highlanders formed the largest part of the British invading party in the 19th century.
Although repelled by the Portugese did some ( latterly?) stay in Buenos Aires...?

Or was it an ecclesiastical connection?
Whilst the hymn and prayer books proudly denoted a link with the (American) episcopal church, were there some Scottish founding fathers (and mothers!) involved with the establishment of this particular anglican church?

Although I doubt if many (any?) of those present had ever visited Scotland it was completely appropriate to give thanks for the Scots who, from different clans, had all played their different part in making the church what it was and to also pray that we - different people in different contexts and from different nations - would also play our part at this time in building up God's kingdom, and all for the glory of Christ!
(Cue bagpipes!?!) 


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